Family Liaison Officer and Wellbeing Mentor


My name is Mrs Nikki Upton and I work as the Family Liaison Officer (FLO) and Wellbeing Mentor here at Herne Bay Infant School.  I am based in a designated Wellbeing Room which has a private deck area, currently being adapted to provide a “Green and Serene” area for calming outdoor activities.

My role within school is to provide support and information to parents and carers of the children attending our school.  I am available to speak to or meet with you when issues and/or personal difficulties arise and offer advice/signposting for practical childcare, parenting skills or simply be an ear to listen.  This could be dealing with issues around particular behaviour issues, marital breakdown issue, bereavement or anything else that is of concern.  There might even be a nice cuppa on offer as well!

As Wellbeing Mentor, I support children during the school day.  This may simply be a few minutes of calming time, some time to talk about worries or regular sessions to boost self-confidence or understand behaviour. Having some dedicated one to one time, gives children the ideal opportunity to be able to open up about their thoughts and feelings.  I am currently studying a Play Therapy course to support my practice so there are lots of fun activities on offer to ensure a calm and relaxed atmosphere.  I am really looking forward to spending more time outside as we develop the decking area.  

If you need to contact me, please call 01227 372245 (you can leave me a message if I am not immediately available) or email me at