We learn and grow together


We learn and grow together


We learn and grow together


We learn and grow together


We learn and grow together

Nursery Newsletter

We have limited availability in our Nursery for February 2018. For further information please contact Sally Spence.       01227 372245

Our Values

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This term we are focusing on the school value of Learning

Welcome to Herne Bay Infant School and Seashells Nursery 

At our school we aim to:

Provide a happy, secure, stimulating and attractive school environment for all our pupils, that supports their emotional wellbeing and academic development.
Through high quality teaching and learning, ensure each child develops academically to match their capability, to be resourceful and become an independent thinker.
Foster mutual respect between all staff, pupils and parents as the key to good pupil behaviour. We ensure firm yet fair discipline, provide good role models and offer plenty of praise to reinforce our aims.
Support parents/carers to enable them to maximise the opportunities for their children.
Develop a co-operative approach between teachers and governors and to use the talents of each individual fully to benefit the whole school.
Be an integral part of the local community with the staff, governors, parents and others working in partnership to maintain the friendly ethos of the school.
Provide a challenging, creative, well-organised curriculum which includes all children and develops their individual strengths and talents, enabling them to become life long learners.

All staff have completed safeguarding and e-learning training developed by the National Counter Terrorism Policing Headquarters (NCTPHQ), in conjunction with the College of Policing which includes guidance on how to identify people who may be vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism, and how to refer them into the Channel process. For more information, see our  Safeguarding Policy.

Headteacher : Mrs Bernadette Lax

Chair of Governors: Mrs Viv Hayward

We are good
This is a happy, caring and vibrant school where children are nurtured and thrive as a result. Ofsted April 2016

Ofsted Report April 2016


Contact us

01227 372245

The school office team  

Christine, Tania, Sally and Georgie


Latest Newsletter
Growth Mindset
Our staff  enjoyed some training on Growth Mindset. We have started to apply the training to all aspects of school life .There are three aspects we will be focussing on:-
1. Big up the brain – we are talking to the children about their brains and helping them to understand that the more they use their brains the stronger they will become (a bit like building muscles).
2. Point out the process of learning – so this means we are commenting on what the children ‘do’ to learn (effort rather than the product or finished work). For example if a child does a wonderful drawing we might say “ I noticed you looked very carefully at both the object you were drawing and your own pencil movements” or if a child does a calculation we might say “ I saw you using your number line and touching each number with your finger”.
3. Make meaning from mistakes- seeing mistakes as a really useful part of the process in helping us learn.We will run parent workshops later in the year to share more with you all. Try looking on YouTube where there are lots of interesting videos, have a look this one