At Herne Bay Infant School & Seashells Nursery we teach phonics and reading using a phonics programme called Read Write Inc. Children are divided into small ability based teaching groups for 40 minutes each day.

Read Write Inc. is systematic and structured – it is perfect for infant school children.

  • It gives children an order in which to learn new sounds (we learn a new sound each day).
  • Children read storybooks and non-fiction books closely matched to their developing phonic knowledge.
  • Read Write Inc supports children to read with fluency and expression whilst encouraging them to answer questions based on what has been read.
  • As part of the daily lesson, children are asked spell words using known sounds and write simple sentences.
  • Read Write Inc. builds confidence by practising what children want to write by saying it out loud first.
  • In our Read Write Inc. lessons all children develop cooperation skills by always working with a partner.

We aim that by the end of Year 1 all children at Herne Bay Infant School, are accurate and speedy readers.