Reading at Herne Bay School and Seashells Nursery

“The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn the more places you’ll go.”

Dr Seuss

We aim to develop a love of books and reading, along with reading skills that allow children to understand and enjoy a variety of texts.

Throughout our Nursery and School we share a wide variety of books with our children. In Nursery children have an opportunity to take home story sacks that contain a book and a variety of toys related to the story. They also take home a book to share twice a week.

Throughout Nursery and School we use Read Write Inc a system of synthetic phonics to teach phonic skills. From Reception we group children according to ability in order to tailor lessons to meet the needs of each group. Half an hour is spent learning phonics (letter sounds) as well as how to form the letters.

Children in Years One and Two, are also grouped according to ability for Read Write Inc lessons. Lessons include learning to read and write sounds and related words, reading texts matched to their reading ability. A black and white version of the text read in class is sent home to practise each day.

Children also have an individual colour banded book to take home and share with an adult. These books come from a variety of schemes and are colour banded to match their National Curriculum level. Children may need adult support with these texts as they contain words that may not yet have been taught yet.

Children also take a book of their own choice from the class library to share at home each week.

Additionally we have Reading Recovery Teacher who works on intensive reading programmes with children who are not progressing at the rate we expect. We operate the Better Reading Partnership, trained teaching assistants and play leaders read 3 times a week with children whose progress in reading is less than expected. Both of these have splendid results helping children to make accelerated progress in reading.

We are very fortunate to have many volunteers who come each week to listen to our children read.


Book list aged 5 



Book lists aged 6 to 8