Digital Leaders

Two children from each class in KS1 are elected to be Digital Leaders. Together with our computing coordinator, Ellie Warner, they share messages, stories and updates about Online Safety.

Digital Leaders have top advice about how to stay safe when using the internet. They meet regularly to discuss ways to help their peers and share their views. The Digital Leaders have great responsibility in reporting to their class and helping others.

Working cooperatively, they have established rules for using the internet; enlightened others on cyber bullying and created a simple but effective slogan-‘turn it off and tell!’ All of our pupils know that if they see something on a computer or device that scares, worries or upsets them they should turn it off and tell a grown up.

Our Digital Leaders meet regularly to discuss Online Safety in our school with Ellie Warner.

They are very responsible and share their learning with others.


For Safer Internet Day, Digital Leaders shared their new message Stop, Block and Tell. We have learnt the importance of hiding our identity through avatars.