School Day






School Hours

The sessions for children who attend full-time are: 

Year R                    8.45am – 15.05pm

Year 1                    8.40am – 15.00pm

Year 2                    8.50am – 15.10pm


Please note: that the end of day times signifies the end of the teaching day. It will take a few minutes after this time for children to collect their belongings and walk to the appointed exits with their teacher.

The school provides 21 hours teaching time for Key Stage 1 required by Government legislation.  This excludes playtimes and collective worship.






Seashells Nursery Hours

These are the times of the teaching day. Please allow time for the children to come out.


Session 1  :   8.30 am  – 11.30 pm

Session 2  :  12.15 pm – 3.15 pm