Science at Herne Bay Infants is about promoting curiosity, experiencing, questioning and engaging with the world around us.

We use our school grounds, the local park and beach to observe and to question both the natural and humanly-constructed world. We actively encourage the children to develop their own sense of enquiry through developing their questioning and planning of investigations.

In Early Years under ‘Understanding the world” the children learn to:

  • Observe, explore, take care of, question and discuss features of their environment and how it differs from other environments.
  • Look at growth, decay and change.
  • Talk about what they see including: plants, animals, natural and other objects.
  • Ask questions about why things happen and how things work
  • Look closely at similarities, differences, patterns and change over time.

In Year One the children explore: ‘Everyday materials’, ‘seasonal change’, ‘plants’ and ‘animals including humans’

In Year Two the children build on their learning and explore: ‘uses of everyday materials’, ‘plants, ‘living things and their habitats’ and ‘animals including humans’

The children are taught to think and work scientifically giving plenty of opportunities to observe over time, notice patterns, question, use simple equipment, classify and group objects, use secondary sources of information, perform tests, and record in a variety of ways. We make links to other areas of the curriculum giving our learning meaning in a variety of contexts.

We enjoy Science week every year, and have visitors come in to carry out workshops, which are always fun!

Our gardening club gives our children and adults ownership over our school grounds and provides opportunities to work collaboratively to care for, maintain and develop our environment. It also gives us opportunities for design, team work, rich discussions promoting scientific vocabulary and well being.


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We are in a new and exciting phase of developing our outdoor area and are pleased to share photos of our fabulous new greenhouse.

Watch this space to see how we develop this further and start to grow our own fruit, vegetables and herbs. We look forward to sharing more photos as we continue our growing adventure!