Mr Gingell Dragonfly reading “The Lorax”

Miss Spiers reading “Whatever Next”

Mrs Vincent reading ” Freddie and the Fairy”

Mrs Adby reading “Whatever Next”

Mrs Vincent reading “Monkey Puzzle”

Mrs Scanlon reading “Egg Drop”

Miss Spiers reading “Lost on the Beach”

Mrs Scanlon reading “The Great Fire of London Facts”

Mrs Adby reading a “Squash and a Squeeze”

Mr Bourton reading “Have you seen my Giraffe”

Mrs Vernon reading “Giraffes can’t Dance”

Mrs Tutt reading “Catch me if you can”

Mrs Scanlon reading “Detective Digiduck”

Miss Spiers reading “The Heart and the Bottle”

Mr Bourton reading “Under the same Sky”

Ms Fitzsimmons reading “Billy and the Beast”

Mrs Scanlon reading “The Boy Who Grew Dragons”

Mrs Amos reading “Winnie the Witch”

Mr Gingell reading “George’s Marvellous Medicine”

Mrs Vernon reading “Oi Frog!”

Mr Bourton reading “The Book With No Pictures”

Mrs Adby reading “Peace at Last”

Ms Fitzsimmons reading “Stanley’s Stick”

Miss Spiers reading “Tadpole’s Promise”

Mr Bourton reading “How to Save a Superhero”

Mrs Adby reading “In a Minute Mum”

Ms Fitzsimmons reading “Jim and the Beanstalk”

Ms Reed Chapter 2 “James and the Giant Peach”

Mrs Adby reading “The Paper Dolls”

Mrs Vernon reading “The Gruffalo”

Mrs Amos reading “Alma and the Beast”

Mr Bourton reading “Oh no George!”

Ms Fitzsimmons “Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs”