Maths week 6 Thursday part 1

Maths week 6 Thursday part 2

Thursday’s Story “You can’t take an Elephant on the bus” read by Becky

Story Week 6 – read by Becky “Oliver’s vegetables” “

Story Week 6 Wednesday – read by Becky “The Lion Inside”

Maths week 6 Wednesday part 1


Maths week 6 Wednesday  part 2

Story Tuesday – read by Becky “Dinosaurs in my school” “

Maths week 6 Tuesday

Maths week 6 Monday

Story Week 6 – read by Becky “Simon Sock”

Story Week 5 – read by Becky “Odd dog out”


Maths week 5


If your child has speech and language support at school or at a clinic for parents/carers this link maybe helpful to support your child at home. Speechlink

Letters and Sounds for home and school

12 Weeks of lessons each term, you will be able to access for your child a daily phonics lesson by clicking on Letters and Sounds for home and school. All lessons are introduced by celebrities, including children’s TV presenters, which adds an exciting addition to the lessons.
There are three sets of daily lessons to choose from and we suggest your child starts with one set of lessons most suitable to their year group and reading ability. If you’re not sure which lessons your child should watch or your child finds the lessons too difficult, then your school should be able to recommend which lessons are the most appropriate for your child.